NEST 10ul Pipette Tips, Clear, Refills, Non-Sterile, 960/pk, 9600/cs

NEST 10ul Pipette Tips, Clear, Refills, Non-Sterile, 960/pk, 9600/cs


Eliminate Tip Box Shortages and Compatibility Issues.
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NEST Refill Pipette Tips are the economical and more environmentally friendly choice when it comes to liquid handling. Simply replace your empty racks with these convenient wafers. These refill pipet tips fit into NEST Pipette Tip boxes and are universal fit to standard pipettors. Available in 10, 200, 300, and 1000µl sizes. They are made from 100% pure polypropylene plastic and are low-retention leaving less fluid in the tip following ejection. The tips are ultra-clear and graduated. They are packaged Rnase/Dnase and pyrogen free so you can be confident your sample results will not contain any unwanted contaminates.

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• Certified RNase, DNase, Human DNA, Pyrogen-Free.
• Low-Retention, Fine-Point design for lowest sample adhesion.
• Ultra-Clear polymer withstands organic solvents and provides clear, error-free pipetting.
• Effective hydrophobic aerosol barrier eliminates carry-over and pipettor contamination.
• Gamma-irradiated Sterile and Graduated.
• Universal-fit for most single and multichannel pipettors.