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CultureGro™ Collagen I Coated Dishes

CultureGro™ Collagen I Coated Dishes

CultureGro™ Coated Dishes are ready-to-use, sterile, high-quality and consistently coated for your research needs. The product ships ambient with a long shelf life.
Collagen I, the most abundant collagen type present in numerous tissues and organs, especially in the dermis, tendons, and bones, plays a crucial role in maintaining the structural integrity that binds cells and tissues. The application of collagen in vitro significantly influences cell adherence, shape, proliferation, movement, and specialization across a broad spectrum of cell types.


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Product Details

Ready to use right from the package
Available in multiple formats
High-quality, consistent coating of rat tail collagen I for culturing primary cells
Convenient room temperature storage
Cost Effective