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CultureGro™ Human AB Serum

CultureGro™ Human AB Serum

Cell Culture Collective, Inc. provides a variety of Human AB serums tailored for culturing diverse human cell lines, including stem cells. Our offerings include both Off-The-Clot (OTC) serum and AB plasma products. The OTC serum is crafted from whole blood permitted to clot naturally, enriching it with growth factors that are crucial for cell proliferation.

Alternatively, our plasma-derived AB serum is produced from whole blood without coagulation. During processing, plasma is isolated, treated with calcium to initiate clotting, and then centrifuged to extract the serum. This method is especially useful for evaluating growth factors in serum.

We also feature heat-inactivated versions of both plasma-derived and clotted whole blood AB serums. Heat inactivation neutralizes complement in the serum, which could otherwise damage certain cells or interfere with immunoassays. This type of serum is predominantly utilized in culturing hematopoietic cells and conducting immunological tests, including mixed-lymphocyte reactions and neutralization assays.


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Product Details

Source: Male Human Serum

Country of Origin: United States

Filtration: 0.1 µm

Analytes: Reference specification sheet

Storage Temp: -20°C

Definition: Defined as -15°C to -30°C

Each unit of plasma used in the preparation of this material was collected within the United States at a facility licensed by the
FDA, tested and found negative or non-reactive for HIV 1/2, HBsAg, HCV, HIV-1 (NAT), HCV (NAT) and RPR by FDA
approved methods. Products are intended for research or manufacturing of non-injectable
In-vitro use only. Products are intended for research or manufacturing of non-injectable products only. This material was
tested as stated above in the testing section. Nevertheless, products of human origin should be considered potentially
infectious and handled according to universal precautions. The safe and responsible handling of the product listed above is the
responsibility of the customer. We accept no liability for injury or illness resulting from the use and/or handling of the product.
The customer assumes responsibility for the proper disposal of all materials in accordance with Federal and State regulations.