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NEST® 15mL and 50mL Centrifuge Tubes

NEST® 15mL and 50mL Centrifuge Tubes

NEST® Scientific centrifuge tubes are ISO 9001:2008 certified, CE certified and FDA registered. All products are made of medical grade materials. The centrifuge tubes are certified RNase, DNase, and pyrogen-free and suitable for cell pelleting and separation, concentrating bacteria, yeast for DNA isolation, purification, precipitation and transformation of nucleic acids, sample storage, etc. These affordable NEST 15 mL and 50 mL Conical Centrifuge Tubes can be centrifuged up to 12,000 x g. They can also be used for general inorganic and material science lab. Sold in bulk or with Polystyrene Rack


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Product Details

Printed clear graduations with marking area
• PP for the tube and HDPE for the cap
• One-hand operation design
• Sterilized by E-Beam
• DNase, RNase and pyrogen free

Maximum centrifugation speeds:

15 mL, Conical bottom: 10,000 x g
50 mL, Conical bottom: 12,000 x g
50 mL, Free standing: 5,000 x g