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NEST® Cell Culture Inserts

NEST® Cell Culture Inserts

NEST® Cell culture inserts are designed to be inserted into their respective culture plates, based on well dimensions. These inserts can be slotted in multiple positions, allowing you to adjust well growth surface height, as well as the resulting media volume required for such a height.

This customizability allows you to optimize for gas exchange, oxygen tension, pH, and growth factor availability. Different insert pore sizes are available depending on application.


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Product Details

This product produce sa cell culture environment that closely resembles an in vivo state. Allow polarized cells to carry out metabolic activities in a more natural manner because the cells feed both apically and basolaterally.

Applications: co-culture, epithelial cell polarity, migration, invasion, transport and permeability studies.

Sterilized by E-beam, SAL=10-6. • Cell culture plates are made of high clarity, 100% virgin polystyrene. • Vacuum Plasma tissue culture treatment. • Clear lot number for batch traceability. • Non-Pyrogenic, DNase/Rnase free. • Innovative edge design for convenient sample loading. • Low protein binding to ensure accurate results. • Passed the USP VI toxicity test. • Compatible with most solvents used for fixing and staining.