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NEST® Centrifuge Transfer Cap System

NEST® Centrifuge Transfer Cap System

The NEST® pre-assembled Closed System Centrifuge Tube is convenient for aseptic sampling and transfer during biological production procedures. Each is double-packed and equipped with a seal cap which can be used to substitute the pipes in case of subsequent centrifugation and analysis. The pre-assembled Closed System of Centrifuge Tube is ideal for customers in biomedical/biopharmaceutical/vaccine production industries to aseptically sample and transfer the tissue and cell culture/ vaccine solutions, which can effectively save the assembling and sampling time and lower the cost.


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Product Details

The pre-assembled Closed System is ready to use at hand. The closed liquid transfer avoids the contamination risk of open transfer and eliminates the necessity of subsequent cleaning validation.

The pipeline material meets the requirements of industrial pharmaceutical enterprises, and is connected to male taper at the connector, which prevents accidental disconnection and offers convenience.

The double aseptic packaging suits GMP production; Sterilized by E-beam, SAL=10-6. • Endotoxin-free, and no ingredients of animal origin. • Individually packaged in sterile bag.