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“NEST® Nitrile Gloves, with Oat Extract”

“NEST® Nitrile Gloves, with Oat Extract”

NEST® Nitrile Gloves offer superior protection thanks to their oat extract-infused material. These powder-free gloves are coated with a patented formula acknowledged by the FDA as a skin protectant. Each pack contains 100 gloves, with a case holding a total of 1000 gloves, providing ample supply for various laboratory tasks. The enhanced protection and skin-friendly coating make these gloves ideal for sensitive skin and extended wear. Whether used in research labs, medical facilities, or industrial settings, these NEST® Nitrile Gloves combine comfort, durability, and safety for seamless hand protection.


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Product Details

Single use only
Beaded cuff
Powder free
Tensile Strength: Minimum 18.0 MPa( Before Aging)
Palm thickness: 0.05mm