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NEST® PCR Well Plates

NEST® PCR Well Plates

NEST® PCR plates are made of from high quality polypropylene to ensure the minimal loss of reaction solution. They can be utilized for end-point PCR and/or rtPCR/qPCR. Clear plates are typically used for end-point PCR and some instances of rtPCR/qPCR. Selecting a white PCR reaction plate, versus a clear plate, can effectively prevent the cross interference between different sample wells. In addition, white PCR reaction plates can read low fluorescent signals with high stability.


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Product Details

Product Features:

• Flat surface, thick and solid, not easy to deform
• The black printing mark is designed for easy identification
• Elevated edge of the hole can better prevent cross contamination
• Compatible with NEST pressure sensitive film, self-adhesive film and hot sealing film
• Autoclavable

PCR Plates with No Skirt Product Features
• The low profile design minimized the condensate contamination and evaporation of reaction solution.

PCR Plate, No Skirt, Elevated Wells Product Features
• Elevated wells plate is designed to reduce the risk of cross contamination
• Easy to open

PCR Plates with Skirt Product Features
• Stronger construction and more space for labeling