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NEST® Round Storage Bottles

NEST® Round Storage Bottles

NEST® Round Storage bottles are sterile and enzyme-free plastic reagent bottles, suitable for product packaging and storage requirements in molecular biology and cell biology, laboratory medicine, genomics and proteomics and other areas. Improvement of the quality of product packaging helps to improve the company image and brand value, lets your product packaging meet international standards and enter the international market.


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Product Details

• The raw materials, premium polypropylene (PP)/polyethylene (HDPE), have excellent physical and chemical indicators and very good pressure-resistance, impact-resistance and acid and alkali resistance. PP materials can undergo autoclave sterilization at 121℃ ; HDPE can be stored at -80℃. • A full range of choices to meet different packaging and storage requirements. • Washing-free, no need for tedious pre-cleaning processing work, ready to use, greatly improves the packaging effect of users. Thickened middle packaging to ensure transportation and storage safety. • Use of professional leaking-proof design for bottle mouth, with no need for inner cover or inner gasket for protection, excellent sealability. Guarantee of being 100% leaking-proof to ensure safety even during air transportation; wide-mouthed design for easy access of liquid. • No biotoxicity, pyrogen-free, DNAse/RNAse-free, manufactured in a 100-thousand grade clean plant. The sterile plastic bottles are sterilized using GAMMA-ray. • Introduction of imported digital-controlled production equipment with high precision; the products have fine details and comfortable touch, the body walls of which are even with high gloss, with no color difference; high uniformity between different batches. • With respect to the process, high-class molding technologies and surface processing technologies are used, leading to smooth interior and exterior surfaces of the plastic bottles without wicking effect of reagents, subsequently significantly reducing sample wastage; the products have high interchangeability with imported ones, can be used to replace the imported ones.