TruBumin™ BSA products are high purity, lyophilized “Fraction V” powder isolated from other plasma protein products and lipids by a unique proprietary, non-solvent procedure. The separation process includes a modified Cohn / heat-shock procedure designed to inactivate proteases and other potentially interfering enzymes. Further processing such as extensive membrane dialysis and filtration, minimizes analytes that can cause background interference in sensitive in vitro diagnostic (IVD) assays as well as inhibition in sensitive cell and microbial culture systems. Typical purity levels are in excess of 99%. TruBumin™ bovine serum albumin
products are ideal for the most sensitive diagnostic and research applications.

TruBumin™ BSA products are specially manufactured for use in a wide range of applications including serum-free and serum-reduced mammalian cell culture/cell preservation, virus production, microbial fermentation, veterinary and human diagnostic applications and immunohematology.

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