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CultureGro™ Poly-D-Lysine Coated Dishes

CultureGro™ Poly-D-Lysine Coated Dishes

CultureGro™ Poly-D-Lysine Coated Dishes are ready-to-use, sterile, high-quality and consistently coated for your research needs. The product ships ambient with a long shelf life.

Poly-D-Lysine (PDL) and Poly-L-Lysine (PLL) are engineered molecules designed to boost cell attachment and protein uptake by modifying the electrical charges on the surface of the culture medium. These synthetic additives not only enhance cell adhesion but also are particularly effective in supporting the extension of neurites and in promoting the longevity of various primary cells from the central nervous system (CNS) when cultured. As synthetic entities, PDL and PLL do not activate any biological responses within the cultured cells, ensuring that the cultures remain free from the contaminants often associated with natural polymers.


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Product Details

  • Ready to use right from the package
  • Available in multiple formats
  • High-quality, consistent coating
  • Convenient room temperature storage
  • Cost Effective