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HiDef-B8® Stem Cell Growth Medium

HiDef-B8® Stem Cell Growth Medium

Defined Bioscience’s HiDef-B8 is a complete, serum-free, defined formulation designed for the feeder-free maintenance and expansion of human pluripotent stem cells (PSCs) in an undifferentiated state.

HiDef-B8 is provided in two formats to offer flexibility for use:

-The HiDef-B8 complete medium kit, including the 400X Supplement vial and our DMEM/F12 basal medium;

-The HiDef-B8 400X Supplement only (basal medium NOT included), for the modern convenience of basal medium choice.


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Product Details

Weekend Free- Daily medium change not required
Fully Chemically Defined- Serum and Animal Component Free
Ready to Use- add supplement to basal media