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Defined Bioscience’s HiDef-ITS is a defined formulation designed for the routine maintenance and low-density attachment of adherent cells under reduced serum conditions.

HiDef-ITS is provided as a 100x supplement in Earle’s Balanced Salt Solution (EBSS) without phenol red, and at this concentration consists of 1.00 mg/mL insulin, 0.55 mg/mL transferrin, and 0.67 µg/mL sodium selenite, all using animal origin-free components. Depending on your application, FBS can be reduced to 4% or less when maintaining cells in a medium containing HiDef-ITS.


Product Details

Fully Chemically Defined- Serum and Animal Component Free
Reduce Your FBS
Easy to Use- Add to current media
This product is shipped on dry ice a
Store at -20C to -80C until ready for use