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NEST® Chamber Slides

NEST® Chamber Slides

NEST® Cell Culture Chamber Slides are designed for various cell-based experiments and used for virus, toxicity tests and immunocytological experiments. Cell Culture Chamber Slides have an easily removable chamber(s) that enable cell growth directly on the microscopic slide, convenient for staining and microscopic examination without cell transfer. No chemical adhesives used, or disassembly tools needed.

Chambers with various well numbers and colors are available for different applications.


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Product Details

▪ Convenient for microscopic observation. ▪ Bottom materials: Borosilicate Glass, thickness 1.0 +0.1mm. No surface treatment for glass bottom. ▪ Chamber color: Clear/White/Black
Easy open flip for chamber & slide disassembly. No chemical adhesives used. Designed to prevent cross contamination. Alphanumeric labeling. Packing trays can be used as incubation racks in CO2 incubators.