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NEST® CoolBox Accessories

NEST® CoolBox Accessories

The NEST® CoolBox is ice-free, lightweight, easy to carry, and ideal for collecting biological samples. It can also help preserve unstable nucleic acid samples. Its compact design and ice-free technology make it ideal for use in tissue culture incubators, biosafety cabinets, and other applications with limited space.

You can choose a different ice core and a variety of tube modules for use with different samples and temperatures.


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Product Details

This is a new type of energy-saving, environmentally friendly, safer, and standardized cooling equipment with no additives. It uses no electricity or ice and provides low-temperature protection for biological samples.

The ice core’s aluminum alloy shell, with its high thermal conductivity, ensures that samples can be quickly cooled. The temperature difference between sample holes is less than 0.8°C, maintaining a uniform temperature among the samples.