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NEST® Cryovials- Self Standing

NEST® Cryovials- Self Standing

NEST® Cryovials are made of medical-grade polypropylene (PP), cryogenic tubes can withstand low temperatures down to minus 196°C in a liquid nitrogen gas phase environment. They are available in three types: cryogenic tubes (without 2D barcode), 2D barcode cryogenic tubes and 3-code cryogenic tubes. They are manufactured with high-precision injection-stretch-blow molding equipment and automated equipment for manufacturing.
Certified by ISO13485 and ISO 9001, with batch stability.


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Product Details

New sealing structure design, optimized sealing
performance, better liquid nitrogen sealing,
smoother feel.

No DNase, no RNase, no endotoxin.

E-beam sterilization, SAL=10-6.