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NEST® Cryovials Barcoded

NEST® Cryovials Barcoded

NEST® Cryovials are made of medical-grade polypropylene (PP), cryogenic tubes can withstand low temperatures down to minus 196°C in a liquid nitrogen gas phase environment. They are available in three types: cryogenic tubes (without 2D barcode), 2D barcode cryogenic tubes and 3-code cryogenic tubes. They are manufactured with high-precision injection-stretch-blow molding equipment and automated equipment for manufacturing.
Certified by ISO13485 and ISO 9001, with batch stability.


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Product Details

Three-code-in-1 composed of DATAMATRIX code, barcode and readable code, laser-etched on the bottom and side of the tube.
Codes are high contrast for easy reading, ratch-resistant, not easy to fall off, resistant to DMSO and other organic solvents.
High uniqueness of laser-etched international standard DATAMATRIX codes.

Box Features
Cryogenic box identifier code: We have a unique QR code at the bottom of the rack and a one-dimensional barcode laser engraved on the side of the rack. When reading the cryogenic tube information, the box information is also read to automatically locate the rack and achieve a safer sample traceability.

Box lid buckle: The cryogenic box is designed with a buckle that can tightly fit with the box to prevent scattering when dropped.The
buckle switch is also convenient and does not fail even after being frozen in liquid nitrogen, ensuring sample safety.

New sealing structure design, optimized sealing
performance, better liquid nitrogen sealing,
smoother feel.

No DNase, no RNase, no endotoxin.

E-beam sterilization, SAL=10-6.