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NEST® Deep Well Tip Combs

NEST® Deep Well Tip Combs

NEST® 8-strip Plastic Comb, Compatible with 503711 & 503761
NEST® 24 Well Plastic Comb, 67.6*13.5 mm
NEST® 96 Tip Combs for Magnetic applications, Compatible with KingFisher system


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Product Details

• Used high quality, imported PP material for high stability, ensuring no chemical reactions with test reagents. • Compatible with DMSO and inert to water. • Can be stored under subzero temperature from -40 to -80℃. • Maximum sustainable centrifuge force 4000g. • Autoclavable at 20Psi, 121℃ for 20 minutes, great heating uniformity. • Minimum residual liquid, low heavy metal content. • Certified DNase/RNase and Pyrogen Free. • Conformed to international SBS Standards. • Good flatness and can be transported for long distance after sealing by heat sealable film. • Produced and packed in Class 100,000 clean workshop. • Alphabetical sorting and cut angle mark for convenient tracking of samples. • Each package has a separate article number/batch number identification, facilitating the quality tracking.