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NEST® HE Flask Bi-Directional Transfer Caps

NEST® HE Flask Bi-Directional Transfer Caps

NEST® bi-directional transfer cap is used along with a 2L, 3L or 5L shake flask to connect a liquid inlet tubing with the required device. The liquid transfer is achieved by connection of a peristaltic pump between the shake flask and the device. Upon completion of the transfer, the transfer cap can be replaced with a vent cap for culture.

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Product Details

• Closed transfer reduces the risks of contamination during liquid transfer. • The cap is molded and connected in an integrated manner, reducing the risks of leakage and media residues. • A variety of tubing diameters are available and aseptic welding of liquid inlet tubing under normal conditions is supported. • High-quality materials and smooth inner wall of the tubing provide an excellent transfer performance. • Sterility level (SAL) is maintained at 10-6. • Endotoxin-free, and no ingredients of animal origin.