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NEST® Syringe Filters

NEST® Syringe Filters

NEST® syringe filters are for sample volumes of 2mL to 100mL. Available in a variety of sizes and membranes for both sterile and non-sterile laboratory applications. The most common type of membrane for sterile syringe filters is PES. PES membrane features high flow and low protein adsorption, which can meet the broad applications, such as buffer, protein, culture medium, and additives.


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Product Details

Transparent PP housing: Allows users to observe contaminants in filtrate and filtration process
Ultrasonically welded: Maximizes effective filtration area (EFA)
Specifically designed to maximize sample recovery: Minimal sample hold-up volume
Available pre-sterilized and individually packaged: Ensures sterility during sample preparation
Broad Compatibility: Making them suitable for many types of applications and solvents