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NEST® Flask Bi-Directional Transfer Cap Systems

NEST® Flask Bi-Directional Transfer Cap Systems

NEST® Bi-directional Transfer Cap for 125-1000mL Erlenmeyer Flask is equipped with the 0.2μm PVDF Membrane Filter. The pipe for liquid transfer has either a Male MPC Connector or Luer Taper and the corresponding Seal Cap. Customers can conveniently connect the ends of pipes with the same connector. The tube reaches the flask bottom to completely and aseptically transfer liquid.


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Product Details

Closed Liquid Transfer reduces the contamination risk during the operation procedures.
The vent cap with 0.2um membrane is permeable and waterproof, thus can effectively block the microorganisms and avoids the contamination but ensures the gas exchange.
One end of the pipe is outfitted with male MPC Connector or Luer Taper, making the operation safer and more convenient. The close connection between the connector and the seal cap can avoid the unexpected rupture. The rotatable connector avoids the pipe twist.
The smooth interior pipe wall made of premium material ensures excellent liquid transfer.